Our Services

With passion & sincerity

Because we care

From sourcing the 'best of the best' coffee beans from around the world, we bring you quality Arabica coffee in different flavours; light, medium and dark roasted - only air roasted mind you. These further break down into Premium Single Origin, Premium Blend and Premium Slow Brew.

Our primary function is to make the richest most flavoursome coffees, consistently, so that you know that with every purchase you are getting the same and come to expect just that - perfection in a bag.

Being a 'craft' barista it is our intention to brew small batches 'to order'.

Consulting Your Needs

Our brand is our pride. We will consult with you to establish exactly the tastes, quantities, packaging and so forth so that both parties are 100% satisfied - then it is 'made to order', because we roast to order, means we get the coffee to you in the shortest span of time to be the freshest and therefore at it's best.

Based on an agreement between parties, should you be a restaurant, coffee shop, B & B (with a difference), a hotel or a corporate, we will blend and roast to your specific needs. This would be based on an ongoing order basis. That is right, put your name on our coffee and make it yours.

At Your Service

Our passion, our knowledge, our products - we love to share our expertise with avid, true coffee lovers. Our air roasted method allows us to stand out from the crowd, and we want to build a tribe a like-minded people who share our passion and desire in persuit of the ultimate coffee.