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Because the Difference Matters

As coffee lovers ourselves, we became so accustomed to the disappointment of not getting your favourite brew; because the supplier had changed or discontinued the product, and then spending weeks or months trying to find another coffee we liked - let alone loved, only to find another and once again repeat this cycle. (If we felt this way how many other coffee lovers had the same feeling of disappointment and frustration). This is why we decided it was time to follow our passion and love for coffee and start a roastery that would be consistent in quality, flavour and listen to our customers.

As an Artisian Roastery making small batches of coffee, we are able to take time to meet our customer’s needs by maintaining and retaining quality products that coffee lovers have become accustomed to. We can give time and attention to 'the personal touch' and this is what our business is about - educating and informing our coffee drinkers about how to make the most of the coffee they purchase, what is happening in the world of coffee, from production to upcoming products and, letting you know of the most common pitfalls when brewing your favourite drink and honing your coffee making skills so that our efforts in bringing the best products to you will be most rewarding - for both of us.

Connoisseur's Message

With the best beans sourced from around the world, brought to you in an air roasted style; in single origin (x3), blends (x3) or slow brewed (x1), you are assured of the highest qualities. Like wine or whisky, coffee is intricate and has different levels of taste and value. In this case, beauti is indeed in the taste of the beholder, and it is to this taste that we appeal and cater to.


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