Air Roasted the Brewtifull Coffee way

Distinctly Different

What is Roasting?

Coffee roasting is the art of unlocking the flavour within each coffee bean.

The most important rule in roasting is not using a roasting process that cannot create consistent quality. This is why at Brewtifull Coffee we have set the highest standards for our green bean coffee selection, purchasing, and storage. This is why at Brewtifull Coffee we use air-roasting equipment to roast all our coffee. Nothing ruins good coffee quicker than coffee that is not roasted to perfection. We do this with PRIDE and PASSION.

Why Air-Roasting?

Drum-roasting is the standard industry way of roasting coffee. At Brewtifull Coffee, we believe technology and times change, but we don’t want to be so stuck in tradition that it makes us resistant to change and innovation. When we discovered air-roasted coffee, it was love at first cup. The flavours and fragrance of our coffee was so much richer but was also cleaner, smoother, mellower, and never bitter. Once we had a taste of air-roasted coffee, we knew we shouldn’t be doing it any other way.

Air-roasting is the perfect blend of science, passion and art. The art is through a trial and error process of finding the perfect temperature and roast profile for that particular bean, zoning in on the ideal roast that brings out the best of all the character of that particular coffee bean. Once perfected, that’s when science enters the picture. Air-roasting technology enables us to achieve the exact same roast for that particular style of coffee bean time and again, batch after batch, so that your coffee type preference always tastes the same.

How does Air-Roasting Work?

Originally developed by Michael Sivetz, the fluid bed roasting process, also known as hot air roasting, uses forced hot air to agitate and roast coffee beans. The perfectly controlled hot air flows over a tilted bed and circulates through the beans, roasting the beans uniformly. There’s no better way to achieve a roast more accurately or consistently.

During the roasting process, the green coffee beans go through two major “cracks”. At this point “chaff” is expelled from the bean as it expands, during the Air Roasting process, this chaff is blown out of the roaster into a separate chamber and is not able to burn with the coffee. Because coffee is absorbent, if this chaff were burnt within the roasting chamber as is the case in drum roasting the beans soak up this unwanted smoky flavour and present itself in the cup.

Another advantage stems from the greater efficiency in heat transference that is possible with hot air roasters. Since the air roasters reach higher temperatures in half the time of typical cylindrical roasters, the time for acidic compounds to form is greatly reduced. Air-roasting helps preserve the original flavour of the beans, while unlocking the best of the bean, meaning there is no sacrifice or a smoked roast character. Air-roasting also keeps your coffee’s flavour fresh and clean so you will always get your tasty cup 365 days a year.